TKey is a new type of flexible USB security token. TKey is open source hardware and software. Our statement is that all products will be open source, it’s an important part of our core values of being transparent and trustworthy.

Each TKey device contains a Unique Device Secret (UDS), which together with the application measurement, and an optional user-provided seed, is used to derive key material unique to each application. This guarantees that if the integrity of the application loaded onto the device has been tampered with, the correct keys needed for an authentication will not be generated. This allows for open-ended, flexible usage. Given the right application, the TKey can support use cases such as SSH login, Ed25519 signing, Root of Trust, FIDO2, TOTP, Passkey, and more.

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Supported Applications

We are continuously working to support more applications and protocols.

In the table below, white checkmark with a green circle means the app is tested and works with this service. Grey circle means not yet released and/or tested.

Click on an app with green circle for detailed instructions on installation and how to use.

Tech Sheet

Case: 3D printed
– Resin: Formlabs Clear Resin (SLA)
– Color: Translucent white.
PCB material: FR4
CPU: RISC-V PicoRV32 core in a Lattice iCE40 UP5K FPGA
Connector: USB-C
Input voltage: 5V
Max current consumption: 100mA
Operating temperature: 0C-40C
Compliance: CE, FCC

Detailed system description.